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Becoming a Foster

Thank you for your interest in Forever Home Dog Rescue Foster Care Program. We are always seeking individuals and families who are interested in becoming foster parents. Our Foster Families help us save lives. Please understand the commitment to foster can be short (weeks) or it can be longer. Our goal is to find the best forever home for the dogs. Many things can factor into the process, your availability to bring the dog to events (for exposure), vet care, and/or the number of adoption applications we receive. We know the longer a dog stays with a foster family, another dog will lose it's life.  We can only save as many dogs and puppies that we have foster homes for. We would love to save them all!!! 

What is the Foster Care Program?

The foster care program is a program by which Forever Home Dog Rescue is able to temporarily place dogs into the homes of foster care volunteers.  This allows the animals a temporary home with the care and love they deserve and need while they are waiting for their forever home.

What Does our Foster Parent Do?

Foster families provide the loving attention required until we can place these animals in their forever home. These generous people provide a hands-on lifesaving service to homeless animals.​  ​ You can help to save the unwanted animals that are due to be euthanized. You may be required to take the dog(s) to the veterinary clinic we work with.  This is at no cost to you. You will aid the dog(s) in basic household training. 

Who does the Foster Care Program benefit?

The Dogs: ​Foster care for shelter animals has a direct impact on the number of homeless animals saved each year. Dogs that otherwise may have been euthanized can be adopted into permanent, loving homes. These animals also start out with a stronger training background and wider socialization, which will help them become the best possible pet.

Volunteers: ​Although foster care can be difficult, it is an incredibly rewarding experience. Each time a foster animal is adopted, you gain the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped another dog find a lifelong home. It is a flexible volunteer position that allows you to choose when you are comfortable sharing your home. 

What are the Requirements to become Forever Home Foster Care Volunteer?

To become a volunteer, we require:
  ● To fill out a Foster Care Application

  ● If renting, provide proof of landlord approval to foster a dog or puppy

  ● Have adequate space to care for foster animals

  ● The volunteer would need to allocate time and energy that is devoted to their foster 

Responsibilities of Forever Home Dog Rescue Foster Care Volunteer:
  ● Ensure that your personal household animals are healthy and current on vaccines, including a Bordetella    vaccine.

  ● Provide food, water, socialization, exercise and administer medication for your foster dog(s) if needed.

  ● Have a secure home environment for your foster dog(s).

  ● Observe your foster regularly and report any problems or questions you may have 

  ● Understand that veterinary care cannot be sought without receiving approval from Forever Home Representative.

  ● Attend scheduled adoption events as requested.

  ● Make a commitment to the foster care program.

  ● Be actively dedicated along with Forever Home in finding a forever family for your foster.

Things to Consider Before Fostering

All animals and supplies will need to be returned to Forever Home at the end of the foster care period. If the foster family opts to adopt the dog/puppy, the supplies will be returned to Forever Home.
All foster animals will have age appropriate shots, will have undergone a de-worming, had a vet exam in order to be transported into Illinois.  However, this does not guarantee that they are free of diseases that can infect your own animals (most common diseases should not affect your own pets if they are fully vetted).
Forever Home recommends crate training to eliminate some destructive behaviors that may occur. We realize that the foster animals may have some behavioral issues that may need to be corrected. Please contact us immediately.
Forever Home will need frequent updates, by phone/text, email, or fb msg. throughout the foster period.  A Forever Home Foster Coordinator and other resources will always be available to you.
Please do not enter this agreement unless you have the time and deep desire to help the dogs/puppies in our program.  We want this experience to be a rewarding one to both you and the dogs.  If this is not an area that you feel you can help with at this time, please look on our volunteer page and let us know your talent. 
On behalf of the dogs waiting to find their forever home and ourselves, we hope you will consider fostering and experience the joy from the heart!!

Sign up to FOSTER TODAY! Thank you!!

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