Forever Home Dog Rescue was founded in November of 2018. We are a brand new foster based rescue here in Illinois. We are hoping to do our first transport in February of 2019.  Our goal is to save at least 10 dogs a month that have been abandoned, abused, or left to die. Every dog deserves a

forever home!

In order to rescue dogs, we NEED funds and wonderful passionate volunteers to help us. The more help we have, the more we can do. Forever Home never wants to turn down a dog in need because of the cost.


Donations from individuals and businesses means that we can save more dogs.

On behalf of

all the future rescue dogs and Forever Home,



The Rose Fund

The Rose Tag

(collar not included)

A special thank you to: 

Kate Browne of TheBrateGroup

The Rose Fund


Forever Home Dog Rescue

In late February 2018 we had the great pleasure of being chosen as forever guardians of Lida Rose.  She was lucky to be rescued and put on a transport from Louisiana to Illinois. Soon after arriving in Illinois, Lida Rose gave birth to 10 puppies. Everyone has found their forever homes.

Lida Rose's luck ran out when she was diagnosed with heartworm disease in early June.  The rescue had diligently tested her prior and had given preventative but, as seldom happens, she had a false negative test result. A principle in the rescue was kind and supportive throughout the long and arduous treatment.  We love Lida Rose so much and are so grateful that she is alive, that we knew we wanted to give back in some way.  That was the seed for The Rose Fund.

Rescues rely on donations for transport fees, vet care, and fostering costs.  The creation of an ongoing fund solely for heartworm treatment will alleviate debate over which dogs to accept for rescue.  Most people or rescues do not want to take on these cases because of the cost and length of treatment.  Saving a heartworm positive dog literally saves a life because if left untreated, it is a death sentence. 

Any donation is appreciated! However, with a donation of $50 or more to The Rose Fund, you will be gifted with The Rose tag.  This tag can be used any way you wish. It can even initiate dialogue about heartworm disease and The Rose Fund of Forever Home Dog Rescue Illinois, making you an ambassador of hope.  Please join us in building this fund not only to honor Lida Rose, but all the lucky ones still to come.


  Please donate to The Rose Fund and help a heartworm positive dog find its forever home. 


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